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How To Play Gun Run in Apex Legends


Play Gun Run in Apex Legends: It’s time to let Apex Legends’ beast loose. The new Beast of Prey collection event, which includes new cosmetics, heirlooms, and more, will be live in the game in less than 24 hours.

The collecting event will also debut Gun Run, a brand-new, momentary game mode for Season 14 players. So let’s talk about how to play Gun Run in Apex Legends today.

Apex Legends Gun Run Instructions

Gun Run will be online as soon as the collection event starts on Tuesday, September 20. For instance, it’s Call of Duty’s Gun Game in Apex Legends with a few changes.

In a typical Gun Game, everyone would face off against one another in a general free-for-all. But, on the other hand, Gun Run puts three teams of four against each other.

In this game mode, you may only play in the original Skull Town from Kings Canyon and Fragment East from World’s Edge.

On your menu screen, under the Game Mode option, you may locate Gun Run when it eventually launches on Tuesday, September 20. Additionally, there are no limitations. Following the launch of the collection event, all players will have access.

Goals and objectives for the Gun Run

After a kill in Gun Game, players often switch between guns. Gun Run, on the other hand, operates similarly but radically alters things because of team play.

There are a total of 25 levels of weaponry, with a throwing knife being the last weapon at level 25. Someone on your squad has to achieve a kill with it to seal the victory.

The adjustments from team play become apparent at this point. Gun Run allows you to jump to higher levels of firearms depending on what your colleagues are presently using, unlike Gun Game, where you have to go through each level of gun one at a time.

Let’s suppose, for example, that R-99 is level 6, the Bow is level 4, and Hemlock is level 5. While one of your colleagues is level 5 with Hemlock, you are now level 4 with the bow.

If you use the Bow to complete a kill successfully, you’ll level up to 6 and obtain the R-99. Since they are in the lead on your squad, if your Hemlock-wielding buddy managed to kill someone, they would level up to 6 and get the R-99.

Viewing your weapon tracker in the lower right corner of your screen, where you’ll notice a boost plus the level you’ll leap to next, can help you keep track of this.

Tracker for Apex Legends’ boosts

Gun Run is all on teamwork. Thus the more kills you and your squad score, the quicker everyone’s guns level up until one of you ultimately achieves level 25.

Fortunately, there is infinite ammunition, and automatic respawns for everyone in this mode, so you don’t have to worry about downs or ammo. As previously stated, the winning team is the first to use the throwing knife to score a kill.

Let’s summarize everything once again, but this time more straightforwardly.

Pick the Legend of your choice before loading Gun Run.

Take your weapons and gain kills alongside your buddies using them. Your weapons will level up as you earn kills.

Ammo and revives are unlimited here.

Upgrading your weapons until they are level 25.

When you reach level 25, you or a teammate must use the throwing knife to eliminate an adversary.

The fight’s winner is the first person to kill an opponent with a throwing knife.

When does Apex Legends’ Gun Run end?

As previously mentioned, Gun Run will officially begin on September 20. In light of this, the collection will terminate on Tuesday, October 4. Therefore, on October 4, Gun Run will be removed from the game until further notice.

There is no indication of when it will return, but if player feedback is vital, we anticipate it returning sooner rather than later.

You now have all the information you need to play Gun Run in Apex Legends. View our related articles below for additional news and details about Apex Legends.


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