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How PGA Tour 2K23 handles Topgolf


PGA Tour 2K23 handles Topgolf: The second game in the newly renamed simulation golf series from HB Studios and 2K is PGA Tour 2K23. TopGolf is a brand-new mode that is included in this game.

The name should be recognizable if it sounds familiar. Thanks to its accessibility and excitement, TopGolf has recently become a relatively well-known phenomenon among golf enthusiasts.

If Topgolf is new to you, you have questions about how it functions in 2K23. First, let’s review the essential information, such as the structure and point-earning strategies.

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PGA Tour 2K23 handles Topgolf

To score more points than the other players is all that TopShot asks of its participants. To do that, you’ll need to be familiar with the TopGolf point system.

Ten shot rounds use in Topgolf competitions. Players in PGA Tour 2K23 have to strike golf balls at targets spread throughout a range during each game.

Points are awarded for hitting a target. The target’s distance from the tee will determine how many points it will score.

You’ll see that one target highlighted with lights before each hole. It’s essential to notice that this objective changes after every hole.

You will get twice as many points if you strike the highlighted target. In addition, the bonus multiplier will increase to 3x after hitting a highlighted target.

The multiplier increase will reset to 2x if you don’t strike the highlighted ones in sequence.

Use every golf club in your bag to get the most out of your game. Keep in mind that the recommended clubs for hitting the farthest objectives are drivers and woods. The shortest targets are best shot with irons and wedges.


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