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How to evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors?


Peachone in Vampire Survivors: When you initially get it, the Peachone is a strong barrage weapon that lets you wipe the battlefield of adversaries. Unfortunately, it’s not one of your default weapons. 

But it’ll be a weapon you’ll want to use all the time after you’ve unlocked it.

How to evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors?

Staying alive for at least 10 minutes on any map is required to unlock the Peachone. This may be challenging and will take a few attempts if you’re just getting started. 

However, you’ll be able to make it to the 10-minute mark after you’ve mastered the weapons that fit your style of play and the fundamentals of evading foes.

You can find some pointers here if you’re having problems getting to the 10-minute mark.

You’ll need to get the Peachone weapon during a level-up after obtaining it. 

Then, depending on the weapon’s evolution requirements, you must additionally improve the Peachone until it reaches level 8.

Peach is evolving in a DoubleXP screenshot.

The Peachone, like the other weapons, will develop if you achieve the following requirements:

  • Within the map, ten minutes must have passed.
  • The primary weapon must be at least level 8.
  • Unless you want to join the Union, you must have a matching accessory.
  • After the three previous conditions have been satisfied, the chest must be opened.

The Ebony Wings are the matching accessory for the Peachone. They are unlocked when you level up your Peachone weapon to level 7. 

However, they’re not the same as a typical wing set that lets you travel faster. To satisfy the evolution criteria, Ebony Wings must also be at level 8.

The weapon will develop into a Vandalier when the Peachone achieves level 8, and all other prerequisites are completed. 

Like how the Peachone does damage in a circle, the Vandalier deals tremendous AoE damage focused around the character.

The Peachone is one of eight weapons that may be evolved; further information on weapon evolutions can be found here. 

Finally, make every effort to get those weapon evolutions. It will be crucial to survive through the 30-minute mark.


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