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Is Overwatch 2’s Competitive Play cross-platform?


Overwatch 2’s Competitive Play cross-platform: The foundation of Overwatch 2 is the concept of playing with friends and defeating the enemy team via cooperation. If your team values competitiveness, you should probably play Competitive Mode to get some victories and advance up the SR levels and divisions.

But what if you’re using separate platforms? Can you cross-platform and play Overwatch 2 competitively?

Overwatch 2’s Competitive Play cross-platform

For competitive crossplay in Overwatch 2, there are restrictions in force. For example, in Quick Play, Arcade, and Custom Games, PC users may play with console players, but not competitively.

However, there are no limits on playing together in the ranked mode for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox gamers.

Players that utilize cross-progression between PC and consoles will discover that they have different rankings between the two due to this difference.

Your SR will move across consoles. However, it will not affect your standing on PC in any way.

You can’t play competitively with a buddy if one of you has a PC and the other a console. This may be disheartening, but this choice is pretty.

On the one hand, playing a first-person shooter like Overwatch 2 using a keyboard and mouse often perceived as more precise.

On the other side, PC users would feel tricked if Aim Help was made available to console players in the mode. However, we can live with this compromise since all other alternatives are available.

Additionally, as Overwatch 2 is a free-to-play game, downloading it to another platform and playing competitively with a buddy is now simpler than ever.


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