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Olivia Munn responds to ‘false narrative’ about John Mulaney romance


Olivia Munn responds to ‘false narrative’ about John Mulaney romance.

Pregnant Olivia Munn has spoken out about the ‘false narrative’ surrounding her whirlwind romance with comedian John Mulaney.

The 41-year-old Predator star is preparing to welcome her first child with her 39-year-old boyfriend after they started dating earlier this year.

However, the announcement in September surprised some fans due to the fact that John had only revealed his split from his wife Anna Marie Tendler four months earlier.

Talking with him Los Angeles Times On some of the various reactions from the public, the Newsroom alumnus stated: ‘It’s definitely not strange to me that people speculate incorrectly about things and rumors run rampant in a way.

They think they know our relationship very well. When in fact, they don’t. There’s no way anyone can know what their relationships were or what our relationship is. ‘

The actress did not speak specifically about any rumors because she does not want to ‘feed a narrative that is simply not true.

She continued: ‘If I try to say something, I run the risk of being called messy or not telling the truth. The only way to win, for me, is to go back and not play at all. ”

The Ride Along 2 star didn’t have some of the buzz rumors that had on her when she said, “It’s hard to be pregnant for the first time and someone would say something to that, like, ‘Congratulations.’

During an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers in September, John explained who began dating Olivia, whom he first met at Seth Meyer’s wedding in 2013, shortly after getting clean, having relapsed for the second time after hosting Saturday Night Live on Halloween last year.

Rumors emerged that John met Olivia ‘at the church in Los Angeles’, but that they had known each other for years.

In fact, in 2015, Olivia praised the comedian as she recalled the time she met John and his then-fiancee Anna Marie at a wedding.

New reports claim there is uncertainty about the couple’s relationship, as a source told US Weekly: “This has been an imperfect relationship from the beginning.

“Even though Olivia is going to be a wonderful mother and has great support behind her, Olivia’s friends just don’t see that these two will be a couple in a year.

Olivia and John have yet to decide what kind of future they are going to have together if any. It’s a time of uncertainty for both of us.


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