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Obtain Tower of Fantasy’s Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe


Obtain Tower of Fantasy’s Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe: The recipes from Tower of Fantasy may be helpful under trying circumstances. For example, healing meals while in or about to engage in battle will give you the advantage in a difficult encounter, and restoring your satiety will aid health recovery outside combat. 

The Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe, which you can discover early in Tower of Fantasy, is one we suggest if you’re seeking a decent healing dish to prepare at a cooking station. This is how you get it.

 Obtain Tower of Fantasy’s Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe

While the Crispy Chicken Burger Recipe is available under the Creation tab at a culinary station, it is also conveniently available from a food vendor. However, it is not where you can get what we are searching for. 

If you go to Banges Dock, you can discover a food stand with a large sign that reads, “Hot Pizza Fast Food.” As an alternative, ascend the steps to the right of that spot to discover another food vendor with a tire for a sign. 

Margarette will be at the counter, standing next to Collie. Speak with her to learn how to purchase the Spicy Chicken Burger Recipe for 1,000 gold. 

If you already own it, don’t worry. The game won’t allow you to repurchase it. It can only purchase once.

The Crispy Chicken Burger may make with the following components if you have the recipe:

  • A homo grain
  • One chicken meat
  • Lettuce just

You should be able to produce each of these goods quickly since they are all relatively simple to locate in the open world. The Crispy Chicken Burger is an excellent food to keep on hand for when things get tricky since it gives you back seven Satiety, recovers 12% of your health, and gives you an extra 2,500.

Find a cooking website and add the homi grain, poultry meat, and lettuce to the “Create” area to create your Crispy Chicken Burger after you have the recipe and supplies. After eating it, you will get a unique item that partially restores your health.


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