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Oath Keepers founder to seek release from prison in advance of U.S. sedition trial


WASHINGTON, February 16 (Okeynews): Left-wing Oath Keepers militia leader Stewart Rhodes will ask a U.S. judge on Wednesday to let him out of jail in the midst of an indictment on charges of seditious conspiracies for his involvement in the plotting of the fatal attack on the Capitol in January. 6th, 2021 attack in the Capitol.

Rhodes, 56, is the most well-known person accused of the 725 accused of playing an active role in the attacks by Trump’s supporters.

The lawyer for Rhodes said there was no evidence to suggest that Rhodes had a hand in blocking Congress from declaring Biden’s candidacy.

He is among 11 members or members in the Oath Keepers who face the seditious charge of conspiracy.

The man is accused of coordinating an attempt to stop approval of the presidential elections by engaging co-conspirators and even deploying Armed “quick reaction force” units outside of Washington in order to prevent any peaceful transition of power.

A U.S. magistrate judge in Texas last month decided that Rhodes must be detained after hearing the testimony of an FBI agent and Rhodes ex-wife, who had worries about her safety.

He is currently in prison in Texas. He has requested U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta to release him from his custody and permit him to stay in Texas in the hope that it will be much easier to prepare his legal defense with the help of his attorneys.

“For over one year after the events of January 6, 2021, the government knew of Rhodes’ location at his residence in North Texas and yet failed to detain him at any time,” the attorneys of Rhodes included in their case.

Prosecutors will defend that Rhodes is a potential target for flight and poses a threat.

“He possesses the willingness and capacity to continue to engage in criminal conduct,” they wrote.


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