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‘Nightlife Mayor’ Eric Adams Takes Manhattan for Restaurant Opening


‘Nightlife Mayor’ Eric Adams Takes Manhattan for Restaurant Opening.

Mayor-elect Eric Adams was in town Thursday night, enjoying a three-hour dinner at a flashy new Italian restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

“We support the nightlife!” Adams gushed during a 11:00 pm phone call to a Post reporter.

The future leader of the Big Apple secured a table in a corner inside Osteria La Baia on W. 52nd Street for the restaurant’s grand opening.

“It’s a great restaurant,” Adams said. The ex-diabetic turned vegan recounted his food in an exclusive interview with The Post.

He had a plate of mushrooms that he declared “amazing” and had “a good salad and a good cross section of asparagus and broccoli and a couple of other items.”

Confidante advisor Ronn Torossian, a public relations executive, arranged the outing with Adams to promote nightlife tourism. They were joined for dinner by attorney Frank Carone, who is a member of Adams’ inner circle, and real estate consultant Ed Mermelstein.

But the visit was more than just a nice dinner, Adams said.

“It’s about making sure people come here. It’s about our hotels, that they eat in our excellent restaurants and that’s how we have the cooks, the waiters, the dishwashers ”.

“People don’t realize that these restaurants employ those seeking paid employment in this city,” he said.

Adams, who visited the nightlife hotspots Zero Bond and Casa Cipriani just hours after winning the general election on Nov. 2, said he would appear in clubs and restaurants across the five boroughs as mayor.

“We are going to sponsor the nightlife, each night finding a new place to eat throughout the city. Not just Manhattan. We’re going to the south of the Bronx, south of Jamaica Queens, to Staten Island.

“Exposing everyone to the great nightlife because it’s jobs,” Adams said.

He also promised to stay true to his blue-collar roots.

“Now I leave the restaurant and go to see the transit workers let them know that we are there for all the night workers,” he said.

Andrew Rigie, director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, said he hopes Adams will help the industry recover from the devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We would love to take our incoming mayor on a tour of the five-borough restaurants and nightlife venues for great food, drinks, and music, and most importantly to meet and chat with the owners so he can have a chat. frank about how she can help them get out of the crisis, ”said Regie.



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