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Who is Nezarec in Destiny 2?


Nezarec in Destiny 2: Character Nezarec has alluded to many times in Destiny 2. You’ve probably heard The Drifter use his name, and you may have run across a few exotics with their namesakes. Such as Nezarec’s Whisper or the Warlock’s helmet, Nezarec’s Sin.

We learn a little more about this individual and their past in Destiny 2 in the Season of Plunder. What you need to know about Nezarec in Destiny 2 is provided here.

Nezarec in Destiny 2: Everything We Know

Before the Season of Plunder, Eris found the blade in the Lunar Pyramid during the Witch Queen expansion, giving you the unique Nezarec’s Whisper. Nezarec’s Sin, a Warlock exotic that calls Nezarec the “ultimate deity of agony,” was available long before this.

According to the description on this helmet, the person may one day rise again. However, it is unclear how this would occur.

These were minor details, but they add together to show that Nezarec was probably among the first disciples to work for the Witness. According to the hints we got after the Witch Queen expansion.

The body of Nezarec uncover when the Eliksni first came and discovered the pyramids, and they started to collect bits of it, which were infused with darkness and empowered the wearers.

When he was a little boy, Mithrax, Kell of Light, was first exposed to it and subsequently held one of these pieces of Nezarec, searching for and gathering them around the solar system.

We find this information by completing the “Sails of the Shipstealer narrative tasks in the fifth week of “The Season of Plunder. Subsequently, we discover that the artifacts the Guardian and his pirate crew are stealing from the Pirate Lords include fragments of Nezarec.

Small chunks of flesh that are probably potent Darkness fragments may find within the artifacts. We don’t know what they indicate, but they could result in Nezarec awakened from his sleep to serve the Darkness again when it confronts the Guardians and the Traveler.


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