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New Yorker stabs Indian-American food delivery worker


New Yorker stabs Indian-American food delivery worker: According to a media source, an Indian-American Uber Eats delivery driver stabbed many times in an assault in the US by a career criminal with more than 100 charges on his record.

According to The New York Post, Bharatbhai Patel stab on Tuesday on the Lower East Side of New York City by ex-con authorities refer to as a “super perp.”

The Uber Eats delivery driver claimed to have stabbed on the Lower East Side on Tuesday without spoken to, and no witnesses intervened.

Patel told The Post that “nobody assisted.”

Patel pointed to his wounds and stated, “He murdered me here, here, here, and here,” alluding to the career criminal suspect.

“He made no inquiries. I don’t need money, None, the report continued.

He said, “Perhaps they need money or something for my bike.” But he didn’t ask me anything,

According to Patel, he surrounded by three people during the early-morning assault who did nothing to assist him.

He guessed that they could have inebriated.

Perhaps three people are nearby? They ingest alcohol. And the bus and the one woman were present. I observed the folks, but none offered assistance.

Police were there constantly, he continued. “However, no cops this time.”

According to the report, Patel, 36, a married father of a 6-year-old kid who resides in Queens. He was on Allen Street near Rivington Street when insane suspect Sean Cooper, who has been arrested 103 times, snatched his e-bike.

Patel stabbed while clinging to the motorcycle, and the assailant then ran away.

The delivery man’s non-life-threatening wounds attend to at Bellevue Hospital.

Cooper, a 47-year-old career criminal with more than 100 convictions on his record, eventually taken into custody by police and charged with assault in connection with the vicious attack.

Patel said that the assault “surprised” him and that he had experienced discomfort.

According to law enforcement sources, “Big Coop” is a “super perp”

Copper was arrested on September 18 for grand theft and five charges of petty theft.

At his Tuesday night hearing, the judge ordered him held on a $10,000 bail, among other things.

His outstanding warrants and prior criminal convictions.


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