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New World PTR opens, Void Gauntlet testing begins


New World PTR opens, Void Gauntlet testing begins.

These are exciting times for New World players, like yesterday, Amazon Games Announced the team launched a new Public Test Realm.

PTR servers are a common practice in large-scale games, allowing the community to test upcoming features and changes and provide feedback.

The New World PTR lets players take a look at upcoming features and do some testing. Preview builds contain snapshots of upcoming major updates currently in development.

Players can expect bugs, glitches, and unfinished versions of the changes before they are rolled out to live servers by Amazon Games.

It presents a good opportunity to see what’s to come and do some personal tests with new items, weapons, and more.

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How to apply to the New World PTR?

To apply to the New World Public Test Realm (PTR), you can find an app in the Steam Library. Downloading the standalone app from Steam allows interested players to launch and test the preview version of the game on the PTR.

The New World PTR servers are officially open as of November 10 at 3 pm ET. Servers are limited as there is one world available in the eastern US and another in central Europe.

To find the New World PTR, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. Navigate to your library.
  3. Look for “New World Public Test Realm” in the list of games.
  4. Download and install the New World PTR.

New World Void Gauntlet

One of the more exciting new changes to come is the addition of a new weapon: Void Gauntlets.

The Void Gauntlet is a magical weapon that fulfills the role of DPS / support and pairs very well with other magical weapons such as the Life Staff.

Like all weapons, the Void Gauntlet has two trees, and the Annihilation tree targets close-range damage using the Void Blade.

The second tree is Decay, which focuses on ranged healing and debuff with the Orb of Decay projectile.

Unified trading posts

Another big change is the unified trading posts. It has been a highly sought-after role and now all the trading positions are linked to each other.

That means you can buy and sell the same things from any trading post. Transaction taxes are defined according to the territory where you make the purchase.

Overdue auctions return to the settlement storage shed where it was posted.

Previously, you could search for auctions across Aeternum, but you could only run one exchange for auctions at your current location.

The change will ease the pain of having to spend Azoth to jump from settlement to settlement in search of the best deal.

However, these are not the only two changes. New enemy missions, legendary weapon missions, and three new PvP faction missions have also been added.

There are many exciting new changes on the horizon for New World and now you can experience what is to come in Public Test Realms.


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