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New bombshell Danica befriends Gemma’s partner Luca


New bombshell Danica befriends Gemma’s partner Luca

island of love continued its most dramatic episode to date on Sunday (June 19).

After several days of waiting for the cliffhanger conclusion at the end of the previous episode that aired on Friday (June 17), fans have now found out who Danica chose in the reboot.

The newcomer was told that she had to make her choice even though she had little time to get to know each other.

This brought Paige and Gemma’s safety into question considering that Danica seemed to be getting closer to Jacques and Luca.

Ultimately, he chose Luca, leaving Gemma alone and Luca to reluctantly mate with Danica.

Elsewhere, Tasha chose Andrew, Amber Dami, Ekin-Su Jay, and Gemma Davide. Paige then selected Jacques while Indiyah selected Ikenna.

That meant that Remi Lambert was kicked out of the mansion.

Before entering the villa, Manchester-based model Remi revealed that his journey to the show stems from being a loyal viewer from past seasons.

Later in the episode, viewers of the series were left baffled by a detail surrounding Gemma’s sleeping arrangements.

island of love it airs every day except Saturday at 9pm on ITV2.


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