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NATO Denies Russian Claims of “Dirty Bomb”


The leader of NATO cautioned Russia on Monday not to worsen the situation in Ukraine by making false accusations that Kiev intends to detonate a fictitious “dirty bomb.”

Following repeated claims from Moscow that Ukraine may use such a weapon. Jens Stoltenberg intervened amid worries that Moscow would use one and place the blame on Kiev.

The leader of the US-led military alliance claimed to have discussed “Russia’s baseless accusation that Ukraine is planning to deploy a dirty bomb on its own territory” with Britain’s Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

“This accusation is rejected by NATO allies. It must not be used by Russia as an excuse to escalate. We are unwavering in our support for Ukraine, “He tweeted something.

According to Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister, the danger is genuine. According to Moscow’s claims that Ukraine is on the verge of manufacturing a dirty bomb.

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Lavrov stated: “We have a genuine interest in avoiding such a horrific provocation. This is not hollow information… There are real suspicions that such things may be planned.”

Ned Price, a spokesperson for the State Department, said that Washington is concerned that Russia’s allegations may be a cover.

“We have seen a trend in this fight and the events leading up to this war where the Russians have employed mirror image. They have blamed the Ukrainians and other nations of carrying out plans that they themselves had. That’s what worries us “Price said.

In a phone chat with his US counterpart on Monday, Russian army chief Valery Gerasimov reportedly reiterated Moscow’s assertions.

The talk was the most recent in a line of exchanges between Russian defense officials and their NATO colleagues in which Moscow claimed—without offering any proof—that Kiev intended to use a dirty bomb.

Russian Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov said in a statement on Monday: “We know that two organizations in Ukraine have been given explicit instructions on how to make a so-called “dirty bomb.” This project is nearing completion. ”

A conventional weapon loaded with radioactive, biological, or chemical ingredients. And dispersed in an explosion is a dirty bomb, to put it simply.

Following weeks of Russian military setbacks in southern and eastern Ukraine, observers and Kiev believe Moscow is becoming more desperate.

The Ukrainian military claims to have driven Russian soldiers out of numerous communities in the country’s northeast in its most recent statement of territorial gains.


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