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Microsoft, Apple, and Meta launched an ad campaign to push Congress to pass a new law


Microsoft, Apple, Meta, and dozens of other Fortune 500 firms launched an ad campaign Thursday to urge Congress to approve new legislation that would safeguard the destiny of “Dreamers,” as part of a last-ditch attempt to maintain the protections as federal courts seem poised to overturn the presidential order that has shielded them since 2012.

However, Senate officials from the Republican and Democratic parties claim that the initiative has a tiny chance of success and forecast that Dreamers would likely start losing their right to work and protection from deportation sometime early in the next year.

Republicans are mainly opposed to preserving Dreamers unless Democrats make significant concessions to strengthen border security and turn away asylum-seekers, which they are unlikely to do given that they are poised to gain more seats in Congress in November’s midterm elections.

Under the 2012 presidential order known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, more than 600,000 Dreamers — minors brought to the U.S. as youngsters without legal status — are protected, and proponents claim that hundreds of thousands more are qualified.

The Wall Street Journal, The Dallas Morning News, and The Charlotte Observer are publishing an advertisement warning congressional leaders that eliminating DACA would harm the economy.

As a group, we represent the backbone of the American economy, which is now dealing with severe labor issues due to the epidemic.

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The letter, which Target signed, Starbucks, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Apple, Google, MGM Resorts, and other corporations, as well as the Business Roundtable, warned that if Congress does not take action on a matter that enjoys strong bipartisan support from the American people, we will be faced with another crisis.

More than 600,000 existing DACA beneficiaries were let to maintain their status as a lower court considered a new DACA regulation the Biden administration proposed despite a recent ruling by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that DACA was unlawful.

U.S. District Court for Southern Texas Judge Andrew Hannen requested further information from both parties last Friday. He is expected to finally decide against the new DACA regulation since he thought its earlier version was unlawful.

The Supreme Court could finally hear the matter. Although the justices prevented the Trump administration from eliminating DACA in 2020, legal experts predict that the court, which is now more conservative, would eventually find DACA unlawful since it permits unauthorized migrants to work.

DACA supporters claim that the latest court decisions mean the program is over.

Todd Schulte, president and executive director of FWD.US, an organization that has argued for the continuation of DACA, said: “Tragically, the 5th Circuit and courts have made it obvious that not only did they declare the present DACA rule is unlawful, but the future DACA rule will be illegal, well.”

“DACA is an already-dead-zombie program; the issue now is whether Congress will really enact anything in lame duck, which may be the final opportunity before the nightmare that results from almost 700,000 DACA beneficiaries being forced to leave their jobs and be deported.”

“Dreamers are a crucial part of the fabric of our country,” Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked. They contribute to the development of our businesses and communities, and they should have the right to live in dignity in the United States.

I support the majority of Americans, who are of both political parties, who believe that providing Dreamers with permanent protections is the proper course to take. Time for Congress to take action

According to Senate staffers from both Republican and Democratic offices, the passage of DACA legislation in the Senate would need the support of at least 10 Republicans, which is doubtful.


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