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Man arrested for kidnapping Michael Bloomberg’s Colorado housekeeper with a gun at her side


Man arrested for kidnapping Michael Bloomberg’s Colorado housekeeper with a gun at her side. 

A suspect with guns stormed Michael Bloomberg’s Colorado ranch and kidnapped his housekeeper, who was the former mayor’s wife. 

He also said he would like to “make an international splash” by partnering with his daughters and the billionaire.

Joseph Beecher, 48, is accused of ramming his vehicle through the ranch’s gate worth $45 million on Wednesday and then abducting Amanda Edinger at gunpoint. 

Then, he forced her to take him to the metro area of Denver and on to Wyoming in her car after attempting to hide his damaged vehicle by burying it in an embankment.

Cops were able to catch Beecher and Edinger on Thursday in a Cheyenne motel in Cheyenne, where Beecher was believed to be carrying an AR-15 as well as an assault weapon.

The Bloomberg was not at home at the incident, and the housekeeper wasn’t injured.

Edinger confessed to the police. She told police that Beecher kissed her forehead and said he could kill her if she were a male by an arrest statement. 

Beecher also forced her to withdraw cash at an ATM and gave “many threats,” she claimed.

According to court documents, Beecher stated to Edinger that he was at the airport in the summer months to search for the 79-year old three-term mayor and a former Democratic presidential candidate.

Beecher also asked her about the location of Emma and Georgina Bloomberg, calling them by name.

The suspect was located about 70 miles from the Bloomberg residence and was not related to the family with a high profile or his victim, the police claimed. 

According to the declaration, he was a handyman for living space, only to be fired from his job and exiled from his house a day before the kidnapping.

Beecher was imprisoned in Wyoming and was facing federal kidnapping charges.

“We’re truly grateful to Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Wyoming law enforcement and the FBI and many others for their quick and heroic action in and ensuring that there were no deaths as well as that the person who was injured was safe and delivered to family members,” Bloomberg’s spokeswoman Ty Trippet said in a statement.



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