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How to make music tracks in The City in NBA 2K23


Make music tracks in The City in NBA 2K23: A player’s MyCareer in NBA 2K23 involves more than simply shooting hoops. NBA players in The City must develop their brands via music production or the promotion of vegan hot dogs.

Because of the quest-based advancement structure in The City, making music tracks is kind of vital. So how do you then create paths in MyCareer? Let’s look at it.

Make music tracks in The City in NBA 2K23

You need to earn enough progress in the “It’s a Cole World” quest before you can create music tracks in The City. This involves performing the raps with Ph.D. Next, the monk and Bas interact with J. Cole at Dreamville Studio and finally meet him.

You may then record a music track after that. Enter Dreamville Studio, then make your way to the second space. Next, go up to the producer’s desk and press either A (for Xbox) or X. (for PlayStation).

You can then enter the menu that lets players build songs from this point. The buttons, bumpers, and triggers allow users to experiment with the various rhythms and melodies to create the desired sound.

However, to begin the rhythm, press and hold Menu/Options to start the recording. Finally, press and hold to stop the recording when you’re done. The option to save the music will then be presented to players.

Making music tracks can seem irrelevant and trivial, but doing so is necessary if you want to advance through the many tasks in The City. You can enter Dreamville Studio and create songs there. Keep in mind where to go to make tracks.


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