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How to Make an Axe in Little Alchemy 2


Make an Axe in Little Alchemy 2: Combining the four fundamental elements of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire, Little Alchemy 2 is a delightful game that everybody can play. The game becomes more challenging as you go from easy items to more complicated ones.

Here’s how to construct an axe, one of the more complicated tools you’ll need in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Get an Axe

There are four methods to get an axe, all of which need grinding and several steps to complete. However, the most excellent approach to adopt is one that only requires 33 steps to get an axe while producing several beneficial byproducts.

To make an axe, you must combine stone and wood. Here are all the specific procedures in Little Alchemy 2 to get an axe.

Puddle = Water + Water

Lava is created by combining Earth and fire.

Earth + Earth equals Land.

Energy Equals Fire + Fire

Pond: Puddle plus Water

Earth plus Land equals Continent

Lava with Air = Stone

Pond plus Water Equals Lake

Stone + Fire = Metal

Wall = Stone + Stone

Planet = Continent plus Continent

Lake plus Water = Sea

House Equals Wall plus Wall

Plow = Earth + Metal

Planet + Air = Atmosphere

Plow + Earth = Field

Sea and Earth Create the First Soup.

Cloud: Atmosphere + Water

Cloud with Water Equals Rain

Blade: Metal + Stone

Primordial Soup + Energy = Life

Phoenix: Life + Fire

Soil: Earth + Life

Egg: Phoenix plus Phoenix

Barn = Field + House

Metal plus Blade Equals Sword

Plant = Rain + Soil

Cow + Egg = Chicken

Philosophy = Chicken + Egg

Planet + Philosophy = Big

Tree: Big + Plant

Sword plus Tree Equals Wood

Axe = Wood + Stone

All possible mixtures to create an axe

In Little Alchemy 2, there are three more methods to produce an axe, but they need more time and work. Nevertheless, you should employ those approaches to get an axe if you have the necessary equipment.

Here are all the processes in Little Alchemy 2 for creating an axe.

  • Axe = Wood + Blade
  • Axe = Wood + Tool
  • Axe = Wood + Stone
  • Axe = Lumberjack + Tool


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