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London Marathon runners face Rail strike chaos


The London Marathon’s organizers claim they are doing “all we can” to assist participants experiencing travel delays because of a scheduled train workers’ strike.

On Sunday, the marathon is projected to draw some 40,000 competitors, who are anticipated to travel considerable distances to the city before the competition.

However, they have been informed that 90% of train services won’t operate on Saturday, the day before the event.

Additionally, services are scheduled to begin later than usual on the morning of the marathon.

Members of four trade unions coordinated the industrial action, the most recent in a string of walkouts in a dispute over demand for wage rises that keep pace with inflation.

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Those who may have trouble signing up for the marathon at Excel London on Saturday can do so on Friday, according to the organizers.

According to several runners who spoke with BBC London, the strike required them to make other travel plans, which were expensive and stressful.

Samantha Lindars, who will travel from her home in Singapore to London for the occasion, called the delays “frustrating” and “frightening.”

She added, “It’s such a pity that I’m traveling so far and will struggle to get there when I should easily be able to get to the starting line.

She had intended to depend on taking the train into London to register for the race pack on Saturday and to get to the start line in Greenwich on Sunday morning while staying in Epsom for the weekend.

“It’s terribly terrible that thousands of people will be impacted by it. We just don’t need this additional concern at this time.”

Karen Andrews said her husband had to make a memorable trip from Staffordshire to London on Wednesday to register her for the marathon in case she could not make it in time before the deadline on Saturday. Karen is racing to raise money for the hospital that treated her illness.


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