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King Charles III is planning For Less Expensive Coronation Ceremony: Report


According to a story in the Independent, King Charles III is preparing to “slim down” the functioning monarchy during Britain’s cost-of-living crisis and hold a “less costly” coronation event than his mothers did in 1953.

The crowning of the next king has not been scheduled since the royal family is still in grief after the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8.

However, according to the Independent article, the ceremony might happen next spring and is still some months away.

The cultural secretary, Michelle Donelan, was cited as stating that the government hasn’t yet made any arrangements for the event.

King Charles III’s desire for a “shorter, smaller, and less costly” coronation event is an effort to show that he is aware of the issues that the nation’s citizens confront, the source said.

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The Queen was crowned in Westminster Abbey, where the coronation ceremony will refocus attention on that location and the question of whether the new monarch can serve in the same unifying capacity as his mother.

Following a lengthy burial ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II was buried at Windsor Castle on Monday beside her husband, sister, and parents.

The ceremony included readings from the Bible by Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of the Commonwealth, and Liz Truss.

They served as the queen’s last prime minister of the United Kingdom only two days before her passing.

For the Queen’s funeral on Monday, downtown London’s streets were crowded with mourners.

Following a liturgy, they are attended by international leaders. A sea of arms held up cellphones in Parliament Square to capture the magnificent procession carrying the queen’s coffin from Westminster Abbey.


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