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Kendrick Lamar kicks off tour with Las Vegas show


Kendrick Lamar kicks off tour with Las Vegas show.

Kendrick Lamar is one of the biggest rap sensations in the world. With a few releases here and there, fans have been waiting for the rapper to return at full capacity.

Even since the rapper shocked the world with the release of DAMMIT. In 2017, fans were craving Lamar’s presence more and more.

The rapper has stopped all of his touring activities since the launch of DAMN. However, with the Day N Vegas festival, Kendrick Lamar went on fire with an event for a huge crowd of hungry and unbridled fans.

After almost 4 years of waiting, the event ended up having a great reward.

Kendrick has been quite off the grid after he launched DAMN. The rapper has recently started breaking that tradition in a minor way, as he sent a letter to fans explaining what he’s up to.

The rapper also added in the letter that he will be releasing a new album soon. The high energy of the show definitely confirmed that fans still want new beats and beats from the rapper, now more than ever.

Meanwhile, the rapper has released new music with the singles “Family Ties” and “Range Brothers.”


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