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Kanye West has plans to buy America


Kanye West has plans to buy America.

Kanye West has been a constant attraction for controversies. While in some cases his words arouse controversy, in others his actions contribute to conflict.

Ye recently called Kim Kardashian’s law professor an idiot. On the other hand, he assigned the blame for looking crazy to Jay Z & Drake.

The rapper has had a lengthy divorce from Kim Kardashian. However, it aims to save it. Ye is a man with many plans, and he recently revealed some of them in the second installment of his Drink Champs interview.

West revealed his plan to “buy America.” Oddly enough, Ye himself has the plan, and has had it for quite some time. NORE brought it up and said Kanye has always talked about it on the phone. You responded by saying:

You weren’t supposed to mention that part. I will

Kanye later revealed that he has 12,000 acres of land in the country as he owns two huge ranches. The rapper said he wishes to build communities within it, but has not received permission yet. The rapper also said that Elon Musk has asked him to review his projects.

Elon has been telling me, ‘Hey, you need to come to Austin and see what we’re doing here.’ J Prince just invited me to Houston. I asked if I could build on my land, but they keep stopping what I’m doing. I hit Thug and thought, ‘I’ve got the bars on.’ One of them is plumbing and irrigation. Create a system for the whole community. Put a farm in the middle of the community.

Kanye West recently spoke about beating up people trying to cancel Dave Chappelle. Even though Kanye West and Soulja Boy had crushed his meat, Soulja Boy called out Kanye for disrespecting his music. West is also in the middle of some hot meat with Talib Kweli.


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