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Kanye West Admits Smuggling Only Reddit Fan Content


Kanye West is one of the richest and most successful rappers in history. It is worth more money than the average person could dream of. Ye also steals her porn from Reddit.

You admitted that it hacks content from OnlyFans pages via Reddit. He said that women who use the site do so to get attention.

Apparently, Kanye thinks they don’t want to make money from their work while someone is watching them. He gave his strange excuse for piracy on November 11.

“Let me tell you, OnlyFans. Women, when they did it, it wasn’t especially about power, it was more attention. Because, in general, a woman wants her flowers, she wants your attention. With men, we lower our power by desire alone. Men, let’s just be horny. And then we’ll text these girls or DM or whatever. I get my OnlyFans from Reddit. I hack the OnlyFans. All these OnlyFanners are going to be so mad at me: ‘You, as an artist, would you want people to hack that shit?’ “

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West completely reversed course before he even finished his thought, noting that OnlyFans artists do it for the money.

Then he said that money was part of it, but also that it was definitely just for attention. Kanye can’t seem to justify that this is a job for many people, made to help make ends meet.

“But whatever the type of interaction … because I know that for being single for a while, they are a bunch of OnlyFanners, they are not hoes at all, they just get money. But it’s not even about money or showing off, it’s really more about attention. Like, when I wake up, if I don’t have like 10 text messages or something, you know, what is that? Your serotonins, dopamines and stuff, it’s a little bit lower. When I see those 12 messages, it goes up a bit and you want to read. Even if it may be silly. “

Kanye’s weird spiel about porn finally ended with him saying he was addicted to porn after coming across his father’s Playboy magazine at age five.

He said Playboy had as much control over him as God does now. Regardless, Kanye West is a billionaire who refuses to pay for porn.


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