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How to join Club 2K in NBA 2K23


Join Club 2K in NBA 2K23: Be ready to encounter Club 2K if you’re walking around the city. Believe it or not, Club 2K lives up to its name since it is a club where basketball is played often, especially 2v2 and 3v3 pickup games.

The inclusion of Club 2K in previous NBA 2K games has continued in NBA 2K23. Here’s how to locate and enter the 2K23 version of the basketball-themed club.

Access Procedures for Club 2K

Let’s start by discussing where on the NBA 2K23 The City Map may show where Club 2K is situated. The Theater, Ante Up, The Rec, and Pro-Am courts are all close to Club 2K, located in the city’s heart.

As we previously indicated, Club 2K is not always accessible. However, it is accessible every Friday beginning at 9 PM ET and only has one day of operation each week: Friday.

The area is only accessible for three hours before closing at noon ET.

It would help if you visited Club 2K as soon as possible, even though it may not be open for very long. You will earn 2x as much XP while participating in games at Club 2K.

Going into Club 2K can be for you if you need to grind rapidly for levels and new prizes. So don’t forget to include those three hours in your weekly plan.


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