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Joe Biden says the US covid epidemic is finished


Joe Biden says the US covid epidemic is finished: On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said that while there is still more work to be done, the COVID epidemic has mostly passed through the nation.

He said, “The epidemic is gone,” in an interview with a television network. COVID continues to be a concern for us. Although there is still more to be done, the epidemic is gone.

As he pointed around the hall, Biden added, “If you observe, nobody’s wearing masks.” Instead, everyone seems to be in decent form. “So I believe it is changing,” he continued.

Interestingly, the US President made his comments barely a few weeks after his government asked Congress for billions of dollars in funds to continue its testing and vaccination programs to stop any potential next wave.

The remarks indicated the present state of most US society, given that COVID restrictions have mainly been lifted nationwide and travel has returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Joe Biden remained evasive on the subject and said, “it remains to be seen,” even though he had previously announced he would run for office again in 2024.

In November, when he will be 80, Biden said he plans to run for office again. However, it’s just an intention. But have you decided that I should run again? That is still up in the air.

Biden, who described himself as “a big respecter of destiny,” remarked, “It’s far too early.”

Biden said, “Pretty excellent condition, right,” when it was noted that he was the position’s oldest employee ever.


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