Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Joe Biden cautions Russia against nuclear strike


Joe Biden cautions Russia against nuclear strike: On Tuesday, US Vice President Joe Biden issued a solid warning to Russia, stating that unleashing a nuclear weapon in the conflict with Ukraine would be a horrible mistake.

When reporters asked Biden whether he believed Russia was planning a dirty bomb assault that it would later blame on Ukraine, “Russia would be making an enormously dangerous error were it to utilize a tactical nuclear weapon.”

This week, Russia claimed Ukraine might deploy a ‘dirty bomb’ on its soil.

A conventional bomb tainted with radioactive, biological, or chemical substances that spread during an explosion call a dirty bomb.

As Moscow finds itself on the defensive in eastern and southern Ukraine, the US and its allies fear that Moscow may deploy a dirty bomb in a “false flag” strike to justify the use of conventional nuclear weapons.

Tuesday, Biden said: “I can’t yet say with certainty that it’s a false flag operation. We are unsure.”


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