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Jim Acosta criticizes Kevin McCarthy for not taking on the Republican “freak show caucus”


Jim Acosta criticizes Kevin McCarthy for not taking on the Republican.

CNN’s Jim Acosta criticized House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for his reluctance to stand up to controversial House Republicans.

In a segment Saturday, Acosta said Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert had “proudly displayed her ignorance and bigotry” with comments about Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar.

In a video that circulated online, Boebert was seen referring to the Muslim congresswoman as part of the “Jihad Squad” and comparing her to a suicide bomber. After a fierce backlash, Boebert issued an apology to the Muslim community.

Referring to Boebert’s history of “violent and inflammatory” comments, Acosta said that he “seems to believe that trolling, overt racism and the glorification of political violence come with the job here in Washington … now where would he get it from? That idea?” He then played a clip of former President Donald Trump attacking Democratic congresswomen at a rally, prompting the crowd to yell “send her back” in July 2019.

“Remember it?” Acosta continued. “Yes, welcome to the caucus of Trump’s Republican Party freak show, home to Paul Gosar, who was recently censored for posting a violent Photoshop anime that showed him attacking prominent Democrats. And, of course, there is Marjorie Taylor Greene, who she has been stripped of her committee assignments, in part because of her racist and anti-Semitic comments in the past.

“The freak show caucus knows that the current House party leader, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, will not stand in their way. McCarthy has gone from blaming Trump for Jan.6 to complaining that Trump should have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. ”

To illustrate that point, Acosta played a clip of McCarthy saying that Trump “is responsible” for the deadly riot on Capitol Hill on January 6 and then another from a recent speech McCarthy made in the House of Representatives speech, complaining that Trump did not receive a Nobel. Peace Prize for his effort.

Acosta said McCarthy will need the backing of Greene and Gosar to become president if Republicans gain control of the House in 2022.

“Although McCarthy has said that Greene and Gosar will serve on committees if Republicans take control of the House in next year’s election, Greene still openly questions whether he will become Speaker of the House,” Acosta said.

He played a recent clip of Greene saying that McCarthy “doesn’t have the votes right now” to do so.

“The lesson learned for Greene and the rest of the freak show crew?” Acosta concluded. “Appeasement is always interpreted as weakness. In the freak show caucus, loyalty only flows in one direction, not to the Republican leader, more like the beloved leader, which means more hatred, more intolerance, more glorification of violence, and more appeasement. ”

Representatives for McCarthy, Boebert, Greene, and Gosar have been contacted for additional comment.


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