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“It stunned me what it awakened in Iran”: Joe Biden


US Vice President Joe Biden said Friday that he was “stunned” by the massive protests in Iran, which have witnessed their most significant wave in years after the death of a young lady apprehended by the morality police.

He addressed a crowd of demonstrators brandishing “Free Iran” placards who had assembled at a college in Irvine, California, saying, “I want you to know that we stand with the people, the heroic women of Iran.”

“What it sparked in Iran astounded me. Something was roused by it that I don’t believe will be quieted for a very, very long time “Biden stated.

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The death of Mahsa Amini, 22, on September 16 catalyzed the demonstrations.

Since then, more than 100 individuals have died, according to the organization Iran Human Rights, located in Oslo.

Despite what Amnesty International referred to as an “unrelenting savage repression” that included an “all-out onslaught on young protestors” and resulted in the deaths of at least 23 children, the disturbance has persisted.

Before delivering a speech on reducing expenses for American families in Irvine, a city close to Los Angeles with a sizable Persian population, Biden briefly discussed the demonstrations in Iran.

Women are oppressed in many different ways globally, but Biden said that women should be allowed to dress as they like in the name of God.

He said, “Iran must stop the brutality against its own people who are only practicing their basic rights.”

He addressed the Persian community in the area, saying, “I want to thank you all for speaking up.


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