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Iranian guy dies aged 94 after not washing for 50 years


Iranian guy dies aged 94 after not washing for 50 years: A hermit who call “the world’s dirtiest man” by the media has away at age 94, just a few months after getting his first wash in decades.

Amou Haji has avoided using soap and water for over 50 years out of concern over becoming ill.

The Iranian lived in the southern region of Fars, where people had tried and failed to clean him up.

But, local media say that Amou Haji finally gave in to pressure and cleaned a few months ago.

He became unwell soon after, and according to Iran’s IRNA news agency, he passed away on Sunday.

In a previous interview, he said that porcupine was his favorite food and that he lived in Dejgah between a hole in the ground and a brick hut built by worried neighbors.

He explained to the source at the time that “emotional setbacks” when he was younger were the cause of his unorthodox decisions.

According to IRNA, he had “soot and pus” covering his skin from years of not washing. And his diet had included rotting meat and contaminated water from an old oil can.

Amou Haji (Uncle Haji) was photographed on the edge of the village of Dezhgah in the Dehram district of the southwest Iranian province of Fars on December 28, 2018.

Although Amou Haji not know to have a family, the villagers try to look after him.

He also enjoyed smoking; on at least one occasion, he see lighting many cigarettes at once.

He grew unhappy when someone washed or gave him clean water, the news agency said.

There has been considerable disagreement over whether he holds the record for going the longest without taking a bath.

In stories, an Indian guy who hadn’t bathed or cleaned his teeth in 35 years describe. It was unclear right away what had transpired subsequently.


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