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How to install sodium in Minecraft?


How to install sodium in Minecraft?

To download Sodium, go to and search for the Recent files as well as the mentioned Minecraft version and download the file from there. Easy, but how to install it? Let’s go straight to the steps.

How to install Sodium Mod to boost FPS

  • Close the Minecraft launcher if it is open.
  • Make sure you have the Cloth loader installed and updated to the latest version. You can find it here and we have detailed the steps to install it here.
  • Now, copy the downloaded mod from the folder you downloaded it to and paste it into your mods folder.
  • To find the mods folder, type % application data% in the search bar of your PC.
  • This is where you will find the modifications: % appdata%. Minecraft mods. If you haven’t used mods before, create a folder called mods (lowercase).
  • According to the official description, no other modifications (not even the Fabric API!) Are required to use Sodium. No need to create new worlds to take advantage of the mod.
  • After completing these steps, start Minecraft through the launcher.
  • Next, choose Fabric from the drop-down menu at the bottom left and now you can use sodium in Minecraft later pressing play.

So that was basically the way to download and install Sodium to use in Minecraft. It receives frequent updates, so issues like compatibility with Minecraft updates are well addressed.


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