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India-US energy partnership has great potential


India-US energy partnership has great potential: According to petroleum and natural gas minister Hardeep Singh Puri, energy cooperation between India and the US has a ton of potential. They also noted that the Indian government has effectively managed the current energy crisis and has prevented energy shortages from affecting any region of the nation.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has significantly influenced the world energy system, upsetting standard supply and demand patterns and severing long-standing business ties. Moreover, it has caused energy costs to rise for many consumers and enterprises globally, harming homes, businesses, and the economies of various countries.

“Today, when we discuss energy, its connotation suddenly takes on a new meaning. Nevertheless, I believe this too will pass. At a luncheon for him on Thursday that held by India’s ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, Puri said, “We have able to navigate away from the issues in what I believe is a responsible and adult manner.

“I don’t think we’ve let energy shortages affect our people, even in flood-ravaged Northeast areas. He told a small audience at India House in this city there had never been shortages and expressed confidence in his abilities to carry the situation ahead.

On Friday, the minister will have a bilateral meeting with Jennifer Granholm, the US Energy Secretary.
According to Puri, there is enormous room for Indian and US cooperation in the energy industry.

He said, “I believe both parties are clear that we will need to develop a green corridor for looking at energy-related concerns as we go along.
He said that the US-Indian relationship’s energy portfolio had greatly expanded.

When dealing with portfolios like energy today, he added, “What India and the US can do together has restored my hope.”
According to Puri, India purchases power from the US for $20 billion out of the $160 billion in bilateral commerce that takes place each year.

Richard Verma, a former American ambassador to India, and Vivek Lall, the chief executive of General Atomics, were among the guests at the event held at India House. The official home of the Indian ambassador to the US.

Several prominent members of the Indian American community, including Bharat Barai from Chicago, Darshan Singh Dhaliwal from Wisconsin, Ravi Batra from New York, Mahinder Tak from Maryland, and Jasdip from Wisconsin, attended the event.

Puri, also the Union minister for housing and urban affairs, said that he would go to Houston after visiting Washington, DC, to get more energy from American businesses and more environmentally friendly fuels for the switch to sustainable energy.


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