Home World News Increased US diplomatic attempts with China over Taiwan and Russia

Increased US diplomatic attempts with China over Taiwan and Russia

Increased US diplomatic attempts with China over Taiwan and Russia

Increased US diplomatic attempts with China over Taiwan and Russia: Friday, the Biden administration intensified its diplomatic efforts to urge China to cease provocing Taiwan and to stop helping Russia in Ukraine.

According to US sources, Secretary of State Antony Blinken presented both arguments to his Chinese counterpart in a Friday meeting concurrently with the UN General Assembly in New York. However, after his father passed away on Thursday, Blinken only kept this session on his calendar.

According to authorities, Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded to the texts. They refused to clarify. The two leaders also discussed the necessity to “keep communication lines open and handle the US-China relationship properly, particularly amid tensions.”

Blinken and Wang’s discussions occur at a time when there are significant tensions on both fronts and before the anticipated November summit between President Xi Jinping and Joe Biden.

The most recent irritants in the ties between Washington and Beijing are Biden’s recent remarks regarding Taiwan and China’s covert assistance in the conflict in Ukraine.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said Blinken reminded Wang of the administration’s commitment to “maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

China views Taiwan as its sovereign territory, hasn’t ruled out using force to reunite it with the mainland, and has recently increased military action there. However, Taiwan is an independent island nation.

This effort is in response, at least in part, to increased American armament sales and high-level US legislative trips to Taipei. Particularly those of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

According to a statement from Price, Blinken “emphasized that maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait is important to regional and global security and prosperity.” However, the US remains steadfast in its “one-China policy,” which opposes Taiwanese independence, as was further stated.

Regarding Russia, US sources said that Blinken highlighted the harm that would result to the Sino-US relationship should Beijing play a more active role in supporting the conflict in Ukraine.

Blinken wants to underscore this issue because US officials are cautiously encouraged after hearing Chinese leaders’ concerns about the war’s consequences.

Price stated that Blinken “highlighted the ramifications if the PRC were to help Moscow’s invasion of a sovereign state.” The People’s Republic of China, or “PRC,” is the official name for China.

In recent years, tensions between the US and China have risen due to several concerns. Such as the treatment of the coronavirus outbreak and the persecution of Muslims and other ethnic minorities in China’s western Xinjiang province. Other topics include Tibet and Hong Kong’s repression of dissent.

The US is still “open to collaborating with the PRC when our interests align,” Price added. As one example, the US wants to keep working together on climate change.



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