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How to improve health in Slime Rancher 2


Improve health in Slime Rancher 2: Like most games, Slime Rancher 2 adds health and damage as a manageable survival element. However, unlike other games, players don’t lose health frequently in Slime Rancher. But Tarr Slimes and Feral Slimes are a couple of brutal foes to watch out for.

In Slime Rancher 2, Tarr Slimes are back and are still unattractive and annoying. For those unfamiliar with these troublemakers, Tarr slimes result from a slime repeatedly breeding with several types of slime.

This happens, for instance, when a Pink Slime consumes a Phosphor Slime Plort and transforms into a Pink Phosphor Slime, then eats a Tabby Slime Plort.

Since their main objective is to infect and transform other harmless Slimes into Tarr Slimes, Tarr Slimes have the potential to get out of hand.

Tarr Slimes and Feral Slimes can hurt Beatrix LeBeau. Thus improving your character’s health is crucial early on. By constructing and enhancing the Heart Module, players can increase their health.

Improve health in Slime Rancher 2

Players who want to construct the Heart Module need to go to The Lab beneath The Conservatory and speak with the Fabricator seen above, much like with other craftable items like the Jetpack and Dash Boots. All of the player-accessible constructible equipment and all of the crafting supplies are listed in this machine.

What parts are required for upgrading the Heart Module?

One of the simplest early-game equipment upgrades is probably the Heart Module. Players can use the following things to boost their health:

450 New dollars

10 Pink Plorts

After constructing the fundamental Health Module, if you’re having difficulties surviving, you can go back to The Lab and upgrade it even more.


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