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Hundreds have died in Florida due to Hurricane Ian


Hundreds have died in Florida due to Hurricane Ian: On Monday, authorities reported that Hurricane Ian, one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to strike the United States, had left over 100 people dead in Florida alone.
On September 26, Ian, a devastating Category 4 hurricane, rushed onshore and destroyed homes, restaurants, and businesses.

The Florida Medical Examiners Commission verified in its most recent report that there were 102 storm-related deaths throughout the state, with the bulk occurring in the southwest.

As stated by the state governor, five more people perished in North Carolina.

Ian came ashore, crossed Florida, swam the Atlantic, then came ashore again, this time on the South Carolina coast.

According to officials, rebuilding Florida’s ravaged coastal areas may take months and cost up to $50 billion.

One of the worst hurricanes to strike the US this century was Ian.

Hurricane Katrina struck the US Gulf Coast in 2005, decimating New Orleans, killing almost 1,800 people, and leaving behind billions of dollars in damage.

Since then, catastrophic superstorm Sandy has pounded the northeast of the nation, wreaking havoc and killing around 120 people.

Irma hit the US Southeast in 2017, just after Harvey battered Texas, killing scores of people, leaving almost $97 billion in damages, and causing around 120 hurricane-related deaths.


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