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How to Unlock Attachments in Battlefield 2042?


How to Unlock Attachments in Battlefield 2042? Knowing how to change and unlock attachments in Battlefield 2042 is quite important.

This game adds a new system, where you can basically equip several different accessories before entering a match, and then you can switch between these accessories as needed.

It’s a really useful mechanic that gives you more freedom and flexibility in combat. Here is a complete guide about Battlefield 2042 Attachment Unlocking and Changing them.

How to unlock attachments in Battlefield 2042?

To unlock attachments in Battlefield 2042 and be able to change them in the first place, you simply have to use the weapon you want to get attachments for to eliminate enemies.

Each attachment requires a specific domain level to unlock. When you have enough kills with the weapon, go to the Collection menu, then Weapons, and select the weapon you want.

Click on the attachment you want to buy and select the slot you want to put it in. If the slot is already occupied, the new attachment will replace the old one.

With that out of the way, a small feat for you. Go to Portal mode and select Explore Community Experiences at the bottom of the screen.

Head to any match that has XP Grind or something like that. Get on the side that has human players, as the other team will be full of bots with 1 HP and a knife.

If you end up on the bot team, go ahead and try again. Rinse and repeat to unlock a staggering amount of accessories really fast.

The exploit will surely be removed soon, so use it while you can!

How to change attachments in Battlefield 2042?

To change attachments in Battlefield 2042 after unlocking them and placing them in the “more menu” (the previously mentioned slots where you put attachments), open the same menu.

To do this, press and hold L1 on PlayStation, LB on Xbox, and T on PC. In that menu, you can swap equipped accessories in and out on the go. It’s a quick process, but you’re still vulnerable doing it, so make sure you take cover first.

Other than that, you can change the accessories you have equipped in the same menu where you unlock them, as described above.


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