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How to plant seeds in Genshin Impact and grow flowers?


How to plant seeds in Genshin Impact?

To plant seeds in Genshin Impact, you will need fields. Place the fields inside the Serenitea Pot and then wait for the harvest period to complete.

After 2 days and 22 hours for the flower to grow. You can then harvest them, some flowers will come in a 2-4 bunch depending on your blooming style. To plant seeds first, you will need to collect seeds.

Collecting them requires an additional item, where you can’t just collect them by collecting plants. You will first need the seed dispensary to collect different types of seeds in the game.

You can collect different types of seeds while collecting plants. For example, Dandelion Seeds. Each plant will offer you a seed.

Also, you can buy Creatures of the Realm seeds. Here is a summary of everything I said above.

  1. Reach reputation level 3 to unlock the seed dispensary.
  2. Complete the mission The Art of Horticulture.
  3. Place a seed in the Serenitea Pot field.
  4. Wait 2 days and 22 hours.

You by fields or landscaping fields of the Realm Depot. Landscaping fields have restrictions, Genshin Impact has three types of fields. Not all support all types of seeds.

You can plant only a few fixed types of seeds, so make sure you have all three. Below are the three types of fields and the types of seeds you can plant in them.

So just get one field, put it in the Serenitea Pot. Go to the field location and start planting and growing flowers. You can plant up to 4 seeds in a single field.

If you want to grow more flowers, plant more fields. You can also replace the seeds if you no longer need that plant. Just walk near the field and look for options.

However, once the plants are fully grown, just harvest them. This is how you can plant seeds in Genshin Impact.


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