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How to increase FPS in Battlefield 2042?


Increase FPS in Battlefield 2042: Battlefield 2042 is currently in Early Access and will be fully released very soon. Fans of multiplayer first-person shooter games around the world will be able to enjoy massive battles and spectacular graphics.

Of course, as in any game of this scope and graphical fidelity, some tweaks are required with these graphics options if you want to increase your FPS.

Naturally, before doing this, you’ll want to turn on the option to display your FPS on BF2042. Therefore, you can know what kind of effect it’s having on your FPS count.

If you want to know how to increase FPS in Battlefield 2042, this guide will show you the best methods to do it.

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How to increase FPS in Battlefield 2042?

A very interesting tip that allows for a drastic increase in FPS on most PC settings, and seemingly without any negative impact on the look of the game. It requires a bit of fiddling with the game’s settings file.

This file can be found at %USERPROFILE% Documents Battlefield 2042 settings PROFSAVE_profile.

What you need to do is open this file with your Notepad and change “GstRender.ShadowQuality 2” to “GstRender.ShadowQuality 0” (without quotes, of course).

Now, you may think that this will disable the shadows entirely, but that is not the case. The shadows will still remain in the game and seemingly without any change to how good they look.

Gamers have reported that doing this gives them a 10-15 FPS boost.

Now, let’s move on to the graphical options themselves. Here are several things you’ll definitely want to turn off: Motion Blur, Chromatic Abberation, Film Grain, Vignette, and Lens Distortion.

While these can make the game seem more enjoyable, if you are looking for the Max FPS of your PC these will have to go away.

If you have an Nvidia GPU, you can try the DLSS option, which uses AI to improve its resolution for better results. Play around with this.

But it’s not worth setting it below “Quality”. Other options really depend on your settings. So play around with things like Texture Quality and the like to see which one will give your FPS the best boost.


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