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How to fix stuttering issues in Halo Infinite?


Stuttering issues in Halo Infinite: Sometimes to get the best experience of an online multiplayer game, you will need to adjust a few settings to make things work better.

In the early days of the Halo Infinite beta, most things have gone well, but the fact that the game has yet to fully launch leaves room for things to go wrong.

How to fix stuttering issues in Halo Infinite?

Here are some tips to reduce stuttering problems that you may encounter on the console or on the PC.

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If you are having issues with stuttering or dropping frames in Halo Infinite on your PC, we recommend exiting the game and reopening it first. It’s cliche.

But turning things off and on can really solve a lot of problems. If the game won’t close, hit control + alt + delete and open Task Manager. Find Halo Infinite and click End Task.

If that didn’t fix anything, we recommend that you go to Settings and narrow down the visual options you’re running. It may be that your PC is trying to run the game and cannot handle the options you have set.

First, we recommend reducing the Resolution Scale to around 90 and enabling Vsync. This may make it necessary to restart the game. When you get back, get into a game to see if things are better.

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If not, be sure to verify that your graphics driver is fully up to date.

If you’re still having trouble, check your internet connection. Go for an online speed test and restart your router.

You can also try playing another game online to see if your internet is working properly. If things seem to be going well for you, check the Halo Twitter support to see if they are reporting issues with pairing or stability.


If you are playing on Xbox One or S Series, we recommend that you go to Settings and go to Video to find the Graphics Quality option. Here, select Performance.

This will make your console focus on delivering a smoother frame rate rather than trying to produce the most attractive image.

If you’re gaming on an X Series, you can’t change this from Quality because the console is powerful enough to output 4K images at 60fps.

Other than changing those settings, Halo Infinite should work fine on your console. If you’re still stuttering, be sure to check your internet connection.

Also, try to fully reset your console by holding down the Xbox button on your controller and selecting Restart Console. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try uninstalling and installing it again.


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