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How to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite?


How to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite? Halo Infinite multiplayer from 343 Industries is now available on PC and Xbox starting November 15, 2021.

Generally, crossplay functionality allows Xbox and PC players to play real-time matches with each other and is a feature that is being implemented. implementing in a lot of newer games.

However, not everyone enjoys crossover play, which is why players are wondering how to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite. This is what you need to know.

For those who don’t know, cross-platform or cross-play is a feature that many recent multiplayer games include at launch. Cross-play generally allows players to play with other players on different platforms, like Xbox and PC in this case.

Games with this feature use TCP / IP communication between player clients, while games that do not support crossplay will use platform-specific network libraries, such as the Winsock layer on PC.

The former is platform-independent, allowing different platforms to connect and play on the same servers.

Some newer games may allow you to disable crossover play through the settings menu. There may be many reasons why you would want to do this.

For example, keyboard and mouse players may not like to play controller players due to the aim assist.

In contrast, controller players can be a bit off when playing against mouse players as they have more vehicle and aiming maneuverability that is simply not possible with sticks.

Cheating is much more rampant on PC, too. It goes both ways, and there is no right or wrong; it just comes down to preferences.

How to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite

Currently, there is no way to disable crossplay in Halo Infinite. Players have the option to limit matches based on keyboard/mouse or controller input. But this is only available in solo/duo ranked arena queues.

Let’s say you would like to play Halo Infinite Ranked Arena only against Controller or Keyboard / Mouse players.

In that case, you can go multiplayer, select Ranked Arena, change your Ranked Queue to Solo / Duo, and choose Keyboard / Mouse or Controller next to the input option.

By default, the Sorted Queue is set to open and the Entry option is limited to crossover play only.

However, giving players the option in ranked Arena matches to go against the keyboard/mouse or the controller only gives them some control over competitive matchmaking.

It’s a good option to watch, but a lot of gamers are requesting a more robust cross-play controller, specifically the ability to turn it off completely. We will have to wait and see if this is something 343 Industries has plans to implement.

At this time, we have not heard any talk on the subject.


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