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How to catch a pet in Ragnarok Origin?


How to catch a pet in Ragnarok Origin? First, of course, you might have your first Ragnarok Origin job, mount, and even a mercenary. Still, your character isn’t complete without a pet.

Fortunately, getting a pet is not too complicated, and you have several ways to get one. Of course, the easiest way is to buy a pet from the witch’s pet store in West Prontera.

But that can be very expensive. You can also get sure pets from various events. And lastly, you can catch one. Here’s how to see a pet in Ragnarok Origins.

Tame Pets will be available to you upon reaching level 40. At that point, you will be given a Pet Quest to complete.

Follow the different steps and complete your pet’s mission. As a reward, you will get two items.

  • 2 x Rainbow Carrots
  • 2 x Condensed Orange Juice

Usually, you can use these items to tame pets. To catch and tame a pet, open your new pet menu. You will see all available pets, from level S to level C.

In general, pets of level B and below will be tame for you, so choose one of those pets.

When you click on a pet and then on the Acquire, a location menu will appear. If not, you cannot directly tame that pet.

Choose a pet and choose a place to look for your new pet. Your character will run there. Once you arrive, you can start touring the area for your pet.

When you find the pet, you will see a network icon appear on your screen. Click on the net to try to catch the pet.

Unfortunately, your attempt may fail and may require several attempts. It is because the monster will start attacking you if your capture fails, and there will also be a cooldown between failed attempts.

If you have a successful catch, you will get an egg in your inventory that you can hatch. However, if you end up running out of consumables for trapping pets, you can purchase more at The Witch in West Prontera.


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