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How the Rams will use Odell Beckham Jr.


How the Rams will use Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. could be playing in the same formations as Darrell Henderson, Robert Woods, and Cooper Kupp; this comes after DJ’s surprising move to the Rams.

The rumored lineup strategy anticipates Beckham Jr.’s highly anticipated performance for the Los Angeles Rams.

Ian Rapoport reported on Beckham’s impressive one-year deal, “The Rams gave WR Odell Beckham Jr a one-year deal worth up to $ 4.25 million, the source said.

Details: – $ 500K signing bonus – $ 750K for the remainder of the season – Another $ 3M available in team-based incentives for how the regular season and postseason end. ”

According to Peter Schrager of the NFL Network, the Rams intend to execute 10 staff members of their 11 regulars following the inclusion of three-time Pro Bowl receiver Beckham. Schrager made the reveal during the latest edition of Good Morning Football.

“I knew McVay has always wanted Odell Beckham,” Schrager said. He continued: “This goes back to when Odell was with the (New York) Giants and it was rumored that possibly the Giants traded him and the Browns offered too much.”

With this implementation, ODJ will hopefully see the greatest opportunity to make an impact.

“The Giants weren’t going to turn that down, but Sean has always been on Odell. And it was actually several other players that called him, but McVay got on the phone with Odell Beckham two days ago and basically laid out the plans.

“’We’re going to go four wide, we’re going to be at 10 people, we’re going to get looks, we’re bringing you here, we’re going to win a Super Bowl. Let’s do this! What are we doing? Do you want to go somewhere else and maybe get more touches?”

It remains to be seen if the Rams continue the rumored lineup for their new recruit. The NFL team is known for executing 11 people, as well as operating empty sets to score at will.


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