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Heroes of Valhalla is now available as early access on Android


Heroes of Valhalla is now available as early access on Android.

Games Station Studio, an Argentina-based game development company, has launched its new tower defense game “Heroes of Valhalla” on the 25th November 2021 as early access on Android devices.

Game Station Studio is a fairly new company that has produced games like Game of warriors and Grow Empire: Rome, which was an unexpectedly huge success.

Heroes of Valhalla is a Viking war game with a combination of Tower Defense, strategic Role-playing game, and elements of city construction.

The game takes place in the medieval period when Gladiators used to reign. Players have to defend their land from invaders and expand by looting new territories from rivals.

Heroes of Valhalla gameplay

The game begins in a rural settlement near the Kattegat coast. Players must defend their land from invaders, explore the seas to expand territories, and attack the civilizations of ancient Europe to become the great Jarl of the North.

Players can build their own Viking city and plan and build defenses to protect their wall. More than 300 waves of enemies to find and more than 100 cities to storm in different kingdoms of Europe such as English, French, and Germanic.

Players can collect more than 30 heroes and fight the tide with more than 25 heroic power skills. Chests are available with daily rewards.

The game is currently in development.

The game is an engaging game with easy-to-learn gameplay, although the graphics can be a bit better.

Heroes of Valhalla is currently in development and is only available as early access, indicating that there will be many major updates to the game. Players can download the game at Google Play Store.

Game Station Studio’s previous title Grow Empire: Rome has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

It will be important to see if Heroes of Valhalla with similar gameplay will also be a hit or not among the video game fraternity.


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