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Halo Infinite multiplayer beta already has a problem with cheats


Halo Infinite multiplayer beta already has a problem with cheats.

Infinite halo multiplayer beta is a resounding success: a large number of PC and console gamers have joined the shooter since its surprise launch last week and the latest 343 Industries title is already a success even before its launch.

However, popularity comes with its own problems. In addition to the sheer number of players who have a good time playing the game in a nice and respectful way, there are some who are a bit more … unsportsmanlike.

Thanks to the game being cross-platform, both console and PC gamers are starting to see the spread of gamers clearly using cheats to advance in multiplayer. One of those incidents was then captured by a Twitter user. DougisRaw and clearly shows an opposing player tracking you through walls and locating your character through the cover.

Another user, ZlepOfficial, managed to time a player who had a suspiciously accurate aim, could turn around and track players with inhuman reaction times, and seemingly go through walls on occasion as well. Take a look at the pictures below.

Another user on Reddit has also posted images of what appears to be someone using an aimbot, too.

At least we know that the fight against cheating, somehow, is coming soon. 343 Industries has already commented on the matter., and has pointed out that “when you are making a competitive game and it is on PC you need an anti-cheat”.

We hope it will be included in the game for its official launch on December 8. If you want to have your best chance against these chancers, maybe you should read our 11 improvement tips and tricks on the Halo Infinite page and see what you can do to improve your chances of winning.

Cheat issues aside, multiplayer has been well received by the general gaming community so far. However, if you were more interested in seeing what the next campaign has to offer, you can read what our own Alex Donaldson had to say about it at the link.

If video is more your style, here’s 25 minutes of Halo Infinite campaign gameplay that you can watch instead.


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