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Halo Infinite fans are not happy with the multiplayer progression system


Halo Infinite fans are not happy with the multiplayer progression system.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been quite well received so far, but one key feature of the game has caught the ire of the community: the game’s progression system.

Since the game’s multiplayer mode debuted less than 24 hours ago, the community has harshly criticized Infinite’s progression in the game as it is inherently tied to daily / weekly challenges, rather than in-game performance.

At the time of writing, players rank up in Halo Infinite by completing challenges. These can be as simple as playing three games in a single day, or as complex as killing enemies in a specific way.

Unlike many other online games, these challenges are the only way to advance to a new rank; Winning a game or playing well won’t get you any closer to leveling up.

Many in the community say this has resulted in a slow and unrewarding sense of progression.

“[Three] hours in and [I] I barely managed to level up once. he [it’s] a beta version and have talked about improving this in the future. But [it’s] it’s really daunting to go out of your way to use the [least] weapons/vehicles effective for XP equaling a single grain of sand “, said Reddit user sharks killer.

Another Reddit user, Dubrikitunts_Ploobs, echoed these sentiments in another thread, saying “I love having a killing frenzy and [three] triple kills in a game just to see [I] do not have [XP] in the end. Really encouraging. ”

Given Halo Infinite’s slow pace of progression, some players have also raised concerns about the potential amount of time it would take to complete just one of the game’s battle passes.

“I work full time, I don’t want to play full time to complete a single [battle pass], ” wrote Reddit user Mr_Jackabin.” 343 said [yesterday]Our feedback is literally important to them. Give it a try, ”they continued, issuing a call to action for the Halo Infinite developer.

343 Industries has not yet responded to these complaints, but the developer previously dubbed the challenge-based progression system while addressing similar criticisms performed during Halo Infinite technical tests.

“While we understand the community’s feedback on the desire for a steady trickle of Match XP and more ways to earn XP for the Battle Pass, we are optimistic that the system available at launch will provide players with the right means to continually have something to accomplish and a means of progress, “said the developer.

In the same blog post, the developer stated that “[expects the leveling] that systems evolve in direct association with player feedback ”after the game is released. It remains to be seen how soon after launch and the ways it evolves.


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