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How Gotham Knights’ Perfect Dodging works


Gotham Knights’ Perfect Dodging works: The characters in the video game Gotham Knights cannot dodge or block blows. They must instead depend on the dodging mechanism to protect themselves from harm.

The dodge may be pretty practical. You will have the opportunity to execute a perfect dodge, which may include a lot of added prizes and challenges if you are timing your dodge right. What you need to know about Gotham Knights’ perfect dodging is provided here.

Gotham Knights’ Perfect Dodging works

A perfect dodge occurs when you press the dodge button just before an opponent’s melee attack is about to strike you. The assault is denoted by a white or red outline, and it will start to spike before it hits you.

So long as you dodge when the assault becomes white or red, you’re OK to go. But for a perfect dodge to occur, you must press the button when the white or red indicator starts to spike.

When you execute a perfect dodge, your character will move a little faster to avoid hit and make a unique animation to indicate that it has activated.

If you move quickly enough, you may damage your target after making a perfect attack by immediately pressing the melee button after performing a perfect dodge.

When fighting against many enemies at once, it could be hard to pull off Perfect Dodges. Therefore, we advise making sure there are just a few targets you need to worry about and that the others are not ready to launch assaults on you or prepare for their next blow.

Try to line up every dodge you make while battling adversaries successfully since a perfect dodge has no cooldown. In Gotham Knights, they may also employe against bosses.


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