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Global warming makes summers hotter and drier


Global warming makes summers hotter and drier: According to scientists, human-caused global warming makes catastrophic droughts like this summer’s in Europe, North America, and China 20 times more probable than they were a century ago.

It’s the latest evidence of how climate change threatens food, water, and energy.

According to a research, blazing temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere caused this year’s droughts. Without greenhouse gas emissions, such high average temperatures over such a large area would be “inconceivable.

“The scientists discovered that there is now a 1-in-20 possibility that soil conditions as dry as they were this summer would persist across the Northern Hemisphere north of the tropics each year. They claimed that this possibility raised by global warming.

Maarten van Aalst, director of the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Center, led the World Weather Attribution project study. According to a research cooperation that analyzes catastrophic weather occurrences quickly, climate change is already visible in many nations and areas.

On its own, extreme summer dryness that destroys crops, impairs river commerce and burdens hydropower production would be troublesome. However, other factors have already been driving up food and energy costs globally this year, such as Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Record heat in May may have caused 11,000 deaths in France and 8,000 in Germany. The area burned by summer wildfires in the EU was double the 15-year average.

China had the worst summer since modern records began in 1961, reducing hydroelectric output in the south’s manufacturing-heavy area.

China burned more coal to sustain car and electronics manufacturing lines, contributing to global warming.

According to NOAA, almost half of the lower 48 states endured moderate to extreme drought this summer.


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