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Ghislaine Maxwell ready to take a stand to defend herself at trial: report


Ghislaine Maxwell ready to take a stand to defend herself at trial: report.

Accused child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is set to take the stand at her upcoming highly anticipated trial in order to “save her own life”, according to reports.

Maxwell, 59, faces life in prison if convicted of hiring girls under the age of 14 for his old friend, Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile, between 1994 and 2004.

Sources close to the disgraced British socialite told The Daily Mail that she will take the stand to defend herself if necessary after the prosecution rests her case. Defendants in sexual abuse cases generally do not testify, instead choosing to let the prosecution prove their case.

“She has never shied away from the truth and is looking forward to her court day,” said a source.

“Ghislaine is not overly confident by any means, but she knows she is telling the truth,” the source told the newspaper.

“She is not afraid to get on the witness stand.”

Federal prosecutors have not offered Maxwell a plea deal. His trial will begin with opening arguments on Monday after more than a year of preparation by the prosecution and defense.

She told the Daily Mail on Saturday: “I am innocent.”

Maxwell has remained in a Brooklyn federal jail since she was arrested in 2020 by federal authorities at the New Hampshire mansion she shared with her husband, tech mogul Scott Borgersen, whom she secretly married in 2016.

Maxwell’s family maintains that she is innocent and unaware of the crimes Epstein committed, despite claims that she investigated and groomed the girls to be abused by the billionaire.

Her brother, Ian, believes she will be exonerated.

“[Epstein] he was clearly a master manipulator who has ruined many lives and continues to do so long after his death, “Ian told The Post. “This makes their crimes particularly reprehensible.”

Epstein died of an apparent suicide in a Manhattan prison while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges in 2019.

“The idea that [Ghislaine] I’d be prepared to carry out these heinous acts, I just can’t conceive of it, ”Ian said.


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