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How to get titles in Overwatch 2?


Get titles in Overwatch 2: The first Overwatch game lacked several new features, which have been included in Overwatch 2.

Titles, which are shown next to your username in-game before competitive matches, aren’t that important if you win.

They are only little titles that signify accomplishments. Here are the steps for obtaining titles in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 title obtaining methods

In Overwatch 2, there are three different types of titles that you may get. First, you must access your Career Profile, choose the Customization page, then go to the Titles section to locate and equip them.

Overwatch, Competitive, and Battle Pass are the three game categories offered. Additionally, the Challenges page Lifetime tab contains the Overwatch titles.

These include ongoing tasks, such as winning a certain number of games in different modes.

Challenges also have a Competitive area, although this one is slightly different. The title you get from here will depend on where you finish in the current season’s rankings.

After the following season, that title will change if you are at a different level.

The Battle Pass titles are also exclusive to that season’s specific Battle Pass. They are not included on the standard track of prizes, however.

Instead, you must complete all 80 battle pass levels to unlock the prestige tiers. You have to reach level 200 in the battle pass to get these eight titles, which means that only the most dedicated Overwatch 2 players can get them.

If you do not get them before the end of the season, they will no longer be accessible and will only be available during the battle pass hours.


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