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How to get the rare Lucky Pants in Destiny 2


Get the rare Lucky Pants in Destiny 2: Hunter leggings are the Lucky Pants exotics in Destiny 2. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to wear them if you’re not a Hunter Guardian.

If you don’t want to use them immediately, you may save them in your vault for your Hunter or when you create one. Unfortunately, as they are unique items, finding them might be challenging.

This article covers how to get the Lucky Pants exotic in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Destiny 2 Lucky Pants exotic

The Lucky Pants exotic may be located in two different ways. The first is by taking on the role of Hunter in Destiny 2 and progressing through the game to get an Exotic Engram.

The primary method to get them as a prize in Destiny 2 is via the Premium edition of the Seasonal battle pass. So yes, you must buy the Premium version.

Two Exotic Engrams are included in the free edition of the Destiny 2 battle pass. However, purchasing it will increase your chances of finding them.

Visit Xur for a second chance to locate the Lucky Pants unusual. He may offer them as his weekly Hunter exotic armor, it’s possible.

Every Friday, Xur makes an arbitrary appearance in Destiny 2 and hangs about there until the following Tuesday’s weekly reset. Then, the next Friday, Xur will return with a fresh stock of products for you to choose from.

Even though they can be identical to products you own, they might have superior rolls. So always make an effort to locate Xur and check out his inventory.

Roll on the weekly Exotic Engram if Xur does not have Lucky Pants for sale. The Lucky Pants are one of the possible Exotic weapons or armor pieces that will include in this at random.


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