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How to Get The Lunulata-4b Bow in Destiny 2?


Get The Lunulata-4b Bow in Destiny 2: Players have been delving deeply into how they may build into the traditional three elements solar, void, and arc since the complete release of the light subclass reworks. Unfortunately, as a result, the one darkness-based subclass we do have, Stasis, has lost some of its prominence.

That is not to say that it is not a viable alternative, as it continues to be a fantastic crowd control tool for PvE activities and a fantastic counter for near combatants in PvP. The Lunulata-4b, a Lightweight Stasis bow with great potential, was one of the many unique weapons that debuted with Season of the Haunted.

Despite not being the biggest PvP contender—that honor is going to Whistler’s Whim this season—it has incredible potential as a PvE powerhouse with some powerful Stasis synergies. Here are the steps for obtaining the Lunulata-4b bow in Destiny 2 and a list of god rolls you need to be pursuing.

In Destiny 2, how do you farm the Lunulata-4b bow?

The Lunulata-4b can only obtain in two ways. Therefore farming is a relatively straightforward operation. Getting it via a global drop is the first and most straightforward option.

Engrams that appear randomly across the game at any time may use to get world drops, which are items of armor or weaponry. Participating in the game may get closer to owning a duplicate of this bow.

The prize pool for world drops is significant. Therefore your chances of scoring a decent roll from world drops alone are slim.

The Lunulata-4b may also be acquired by concentrating Umbral Engrams at the Helm. Similar to world drops, umbral engrams may appear anytime during play, along with rewards for completing tasks.

If you wish to get the Lunulata-4b, you must utilize your umbrellas on the Veist Weapon-focused option. You may take them to the Helm and use them to purchase engrams with certain loot pools.

Every Veist Weapon engram you buy will increase your probability of acquiring the bow by 20% since they have a chance to drop one of five different weapons. If you don’t need to utilize those umbral engrams elsewhere, this is the quickest method to get any god rolls you could be searching for.

A pool of the Out-of-Bounds Perks

Table One

  • Organic String
  • Plastic String
  • Tough String
  • elastic cord
  • Speedy Bowstring
  • Adaptable String
  • Extremely Tight String

There is just one obvious option for column one for both PvE and PvP. Polymer string improves the weapon’s accuracy by five points, decreases the draw time by forty, and lengthens the charge time by ten.

As a result, the weapon is more precise, fires more quickly, and can be drawn entirely for more extended periods without reducing its ability to do damage. This decision is apparent compared to the little stat boosts provided by the other perks.

Table Two

  • Glass fiber arrow shaft
  • Fletching using Helices
  • Simple Fletching
  • Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
  • Small-size Arrow Shaft
  • Genuine Fletching

Anything that improves accuracy may be used for Column Two. This comprises Straight Fletching, Helical Fletching, and Fiberglass Arrowshaft.

The most acceptable advantage among them is probably Fiberglass Arrowshaft. While accuracy is increased by +15, stability is decreased by -5, which is a 50% boost over Helical Fletching and a threefold increase over Straight Fletching.

Your bow may flinch a bit more, but it will also shoot more accurately and feel much more likable in your hands.

Table Three

  • Reliable Hands
  • No Interruptions
  • Rangefinder
  • Ensemble
  • Shoot to Steal
  • Well-Rounded

The apparent option for PvE is Steady Hands. It gives all equipped weapons, not only the Lunulata-4b, a significant handling bonus after a kill.

This makes all of your guns seem tremendously rapid and snappy and goes nicely with weapons that have autoloading holsters.

Rangefinder and No Distractions are both fantastic choices for PvP. No Distraction is an excellent choice for shooting down lanes and taking down foes that stray into your line of sight since it decreases flinch by 35% after aiming down sights for 1 second.

Rangefinder enhanced the weapon’s magnification and projectile speed, allowing you to strike shots from farther away without incurring extra costs. Your decision will be based on personal preference, and both options are effective.

Fourth Column

  • Adrenaline Addict
  • Effective Warm-Up
  • Headstone
  • Tricorne de Or
  • Wellspring
  • Turnabout

In this column, Headstone is the only option that merits consideration. However, since there is only one Stasis bow in the game at the time that can roll with this perk, that bow is the Lunulata-4b.

After a precise kill, Headstone spawns a stasis crystal. This crystal may use any way the player sees fit.

It can destroy to damage nearby targets or used as a source of synergy for stasis subtypes. Although the weapon has several additional beneficial features, it is better suited to other bows and does not play to the Lunulata’s advantage.

Both PvP and PvE need that you have a headstone.

Rolls for Lunulata-4b God

The most excellent rolls for the Lunulata-4b are shown here, divided into PvE and PvP categories.

Polymer String, Fiberglass Arrowshaft, Steady Hands, and Headstone are part of the Lunulata-4b PvE God Roll.

Polymer String, Fiberglass Arrowshaft, Rangefinder, and Headstone are part of the Lunulata-4b PvP God Roll.

For anybody who loves utilizing the Stasis subclasses in Destiny 2, the Lunulata-4b is an unusual bow that is well worth looking at. In addition to being an excellent choice for general build creation, it shines as a PvE ad transparent tool and a passable PvP dueler.

Every Stasis-focused player will see this bow as necessary if it is the only one with the perk Headstone.

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