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How to get the Destiny 2 title of Ghost Writer


Get the Destiny 2 title of Ghost Writer: Seasonal events of all kinds often appear in Destiny 2 throughout the year. For example, the Festival of the Lost is a Halloween party that also honors Guardians who have died.

Players participating in the Festival of the Lost 2022 event before the time limit expires will get access to the Ghost Writer title. Here is all you need to know about obtaining the Destiny 2 title of “Ghost Writer.”

How to get the Destiny 2 title “Ghost Writer.”

The Ghost Writer title will be given to players who complete the tasks during the Festival of the Lost 2022 event. The Festival of the Lost event card, which you will get after speaking with Eva, contains a list of the tasks.

In the courtyard of the tower, she is ready for everyone to come and see her. The Event Card will become accessible after chatting with her and completing the main event, the Gone But Not Forgotten quest.

You have until November 2 to complete all 17 tasks in Festival of the Lost 2022.

There are only 16 difficulties, despite the list of 17. However, before you can get the Ghost Writer title—the last task on this year’s event card you must complete those 16.

You will need to collect Spectral Pages and Candy, race through Haunted Sectors where you will battle against Headless Ones, enormous adversaries that you invite into the area, and defeat. All of the challenges require completing tasks for the Festival of the Lost.

You may always look at your event card in the quest menu if you have questions. However, we advise switching up your loadout to utilize Festival of the Lost weapons to go further in some tasks.


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